Here is a list a questions to consider when planning your website. It's not an all inclusive list, but enough to get the creative juices flowing and open the discussion. It's best to review this list before we meet for consultation to assist with developing quote.

  1. Why do you need a website?
    Virtually every business can benefit from having Internet presence. Let's face it...people of all demographics use the Internet on an ever increasing level to get the information they need. Information on products, businesses, services, organizations, anything and everything. The Internet is a major force to be a part of. Think specifically about your purpose for having a website, here are some typical ideas:
    • Create a positive impression of your business
    • Sell products and/or services
    • Provide Information to clients, employees, members, public
    • Support brand recognition
    • Target new customers
    • Generate leads for your business
    • Present sales material, online brochure, or E-catalog
    • Customer Service
    • Accept donations or payments
    • Market research
  2. What is your business?
    Tell us about it; in a brief statement describe or define your business. This will help us understand your business and your view of your business.
  3. What are your short term and long term goals?
    Where are you now and where would you like to go, and how will a website help you achieve your goals?
  4. Who is your target audience?
    Who are your current customers, and who are your potential customers? Does the target audience belong to a specific sex, age group, locality, or educational demographic? Understanding your customers and potential customers is not only key to selling your products and services; but it is also key to the success of your website.
  5. What image do you want to project to your customers and potential customers?
    Elegant, friendly, high tech, advanced, retro, old fashion, home-made... think about it. Think about your business image, are you happy with it, or do you want to change it. Your website "look and feel" should complement or enhance your business image.
  6. Who are your competitors?
    Knowing your competitors will help you to beat them and take their business. Do they have a website Have you viewed it? What sets you a part from your competitors.
  7. How will your website integrate with your business?
    This is important especially if you have an E-commerce solution online order processing and inventory control.
  8. What do you expect of your website?
    How will your target audience use it, interact with it? What functionality, services, information will your website provide? Why would a visitor ever return?
  9. What websites do you like?
    What websites do you dislike?

    Spend some time surfing the net. Look at your competitors websites, and other similar business websites. Explore each website, think about what you like and dislike. Observe "look and feel", navigation, colors, graphics, and functionality. Take notes for later discusion. This will help us provide you with a solution that you like.
  10. If you currently have a website, what do you like and/or dislike about it?
    Take some time to look at re-examine your existing website. Does it work for you and your customers. Do your customer like it, use it, know about it? How is your traffic?
  11. Do you need ongoing support and maintenance?
    How often will your website need updates - monthly, weekly, daily? Who will update and maintain the website? Does this person have basic knowlegde of HTML, is training required? Is a Content Management System (CMS) needed to simplify updates? Do multiple people need to updates?
  12. Will you be selling products online? If so, how many?
    Do you need to only showcase your products, without an online ordering system? Or do you need to have a complete online catalog with a shoping cart system and real time credit authorization?
  13. Who will be the primary contact for website issues during the development phase?
    Constructing a "good looking", well designed functional website is not a trivial task. It requires colaborative effort between website designer and client; a close partnership must exist to creative a great webite the meets all expectations.
  14. What is your budget?
    The more functionality and custom work you need the more it will cost. Have you considered hosting, maintenence, and promotion costs?
  15. What is your time frame you wish to have a completed website?
  16. Do you have content ready to added to your website?
    Do you have a logo, graphics, photographs, print ads, catalogs, and any other marketing materials that could be useful? Who will be writing copy? Who will be providing the photography?
  17. Do you need hosting?
    And what are your hosting requirements?
  18. Do you have a domain name registered?
    If not, we can help you pick the best possible name for your website. A domain name is an important part of your online identity.
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